Long time, no see – New Remix!

Yeah, it’s been some time since we posted here. Maybe because we stroll around on Facebook too much. 😉

But we made a new remix, of course free, for you! It’s a remix from a quite popular song, the Drunken Sailor. It’s a colab with Varrick Frost, definitely check out his tunes!

Drunken Sailor Remix Promo

Ahoi! Am 16.6. gibt nen neuen Remix – erfrischend!

Gepostet von BMVT am Freitag, 8. Juni 2018

Electro-Swing Crew – Roadtrip Dresden 2017

We made a little trip to Dresden in August 2017 and played a gig in the TBA Dresden, a very nice club located directly beneath the main station. Lots of fun and lots of nice people. Here’s a video of our trip. Drop a like and follow us. Everywhere! 😉

Weird guys’n gals in the video: BMVT, LePortier, Varrick Frost & guests
camera: Matze, Anneke, Zbigniew
cutting: WeirdCan
music: „The F-Stomp“ by BMVT

BMVTs 2017 picks

2017 started off quiet nicely (well, when it comes to electro swing at last), and a lot of new tracks are coming along. We select some of them in an ongoing series of soundcloud playlists, check the first two out here:



Library Swing #1

Last weekend, we invited our lovely fellows of the Electro Swing Crew over to have a little DJ Set in an art noveau library room. Check out the entire set here: