Line-Up für den August-Bowlers

Der nächste Bowlers steigt am 8.8. – wir haben zwei echte Leckerbissen für euch eingeladen! Der Australier Mortisville gibt sich auf siner Europatournee die Ehre, und der Lübecker Rob Banana von der Electro Swing Crew wird ebenfalls auflegen. Hört doch hier mal rein:

April-Bowlers – Fotos hier:

Hach, das war eine schöne Festivität – macht euch selbst einen Eindruck mit unseren Fotos vom letzten Bowlers.

Oh look, we found some pretty easter eggs :)

While enjoying the easter holidays, it came to our attention that we are going to have some very nice gigs the next two weekends.

Next friday we will be at the Fundbureau in Hamburg, together with Madame Summit and The Carlson Two – there is already a very busy facebook event for this event, check it out. We will open the party at the main floor (12 – 2).


The day after this grand event, we are happy and pruod to host our own Electro Swing party in Hannover – Bowlers Club # 4. Our guest will be Heiße Pladde, a great DJ whom we already had some very good parties with. 11.4 / 23:00 @Bei Chez Heinz.


The next weekend, we will do a trip to the south of Germany and visit our friends from the Tiger Rag Club. This party is in the Vanguarde in Karlsruhe, a spectacular location. 18.4. / 23:00.


New track – Elevator

As part of our ongoing project „Music that should be played in elevators, supermarkets and waiting rooms“ we prouldy present the first track – Elevator.